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Properly secure and assure all tanks, covers & lids are childproof & mischief proof!

Further information regarding On-Site Sewage Facilities (Septic Systems) is available through the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality website:

In the event you are buying a property with a septic system, you should have it inspected by a professional licensed sanitarian-septic contractor. Septic Systems or On Site Sewerage Facilities (OSSF) are considered an Optional System according to Texas Real Estate Commission and are not offered or included with any ADAIR INSPECTION Property Inspections or stand alone services.

It makes good sense to have the tank pumped at the time of this inspection. A professional licensed sanitarian-septic contractor can perform pumping, cleaning and inspecting  the tank and associated components and assuring that you begin with an empty tank and a system that is ready to function as required by the state. Often times, you or your agent can negotiate with the seller to have the tank(s) pumped before the property is inspected.