It is my privilege to take this opportunity to offer a formal recommendation for Mr. Barry Adair, owner and lead inspector for ADAIR INSPECTION . As the Executive Director for the National Association of Commercial Building Inspectors and Thermographers I have known Mr. Adair professionally for nearly eleven years and feel that he deserves your consideration for your Commercial, Industrial, Home Inspection or Thermal Imaging services and inspections.

Mr. Adair joined our association and quickly demonstrated his incredible initiative and strong dedication. His expertise is only enhanced and strengthened by his ethical personal/business practices. His strict policy’s and procedures of keeping confidentiality between himself and his client is second to none. He listens, adapts and performs to any situation and always puts the needs of his clients first and foremost.

NACBI's Membership Review board found Mr. Adairs reports to be concise, accurate, and easy to follow and always presented in a professional manner.

A true test of one’s worth is when your peers look up to you and without hesitation refers you to others for sound advice or services. Barry is just that person.

John Bowman
John Bowman
Executive Director
(480) 273-3616