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June 03, 2008 10:05 AM Eastern Daylight Time 


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Pool Alarm Saves 9th Child from Drowning

Another Drowning Prevention Shows RJE Technologies on Course With Mission to Make Pools Safer


Swimming Pool Alarm Systems manufacturer, RJE Technologies, announced today the 9th child has been saved from drowning by its SonarGuard pool alarm system. A Houston dad reported SonarGuard saved his 3-year-old daughter when she slipped into the pool while playing in the backyard. The parents were surprised that they never heard a splash or sound when she slipped in. The signature SonarGuard "ping" was all they heard.

Approximately 300 children under the age of five, drown each year in the U.S., according to CPSC. In most cases, an adult was supervising the child, and was distracted or didn't see (or hear) the child fall in the water. SonarGuard utilizes sonar technology and can detect a child immediately.

ASTM certified pool alarms have gained popularity with owners of public and private swimming pools. Additionally, state and city governments have addressed improved pool safety by passing legislation involving the installation of an ASTM pool alarm as well as other new requirements. To learn more about swimming pool legislation in your area, visit:


About RJE Technologies

RJE Technologies manufactures and markets pool alarm systems in the U.S., Europe, the Middle East, Asia and South Africa. SonarGuard is the only ASTM "permanently installed" pool alarm system on the market, making it especially suitable for residential, commercial and public pools. Learn more about SonarGuard by visiting:

 To learn more about Aquaguard, RJE's consumer installed ASTM alarm visit:

 or call RJE Technologies at 949-727-9399.


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